In the beginning of 2010, I quit my first job outside of college and gave myself a 6 weeks trip back to my country of birth -after 16 years being raised elsewhere- marking the beginning of a year long trip to concentrate on nothing and everything about my life so far. Here are some scenes from those six immensely eye-opening weeks.


I landed at the beginning of June with no idea what the city even looked like.

Slept late everyday for months and went and search of nothing, getting lost as much as I can.
I took German for a few months, made some friends and then lost my camera.

Made some more friends and got drunk more often while running around town soaking in as much art and walked randomly into as many buildings as I can.

The largest chunk of my Berlin work was on these walks I would take around the S Bahn and Ring Bahn stations that happened between October and December 2010.